A Different Take on World Cup Opening Kick

A paraplegic man, strapped into a cumbersome exoskeleton, gave the opening kick of the 2014 FIFA World Cup Brazil. The media, and people, hail this as a miracle of technology, a better future for folks who are paralysed. I see this completely differently. It is both "inspiration porn" and devaluating the experience of disability. Frankly, it upset me greatly.

Accessibility Is Not An Add-On

Some developers say their clients don’t want to pay for accessibility. These developers are looking at the issue the wrong way. Accessibility is not an add-on. It should be built-in to any project.

Don’t use disability as the bogeyman

The latest driving accident prevention campaign in Quebec leaves me somewhat disturbed, and probably not in the intended way. The message "don’t do this otherwise you could end up disabled" seems to me to be reinforcing the negative of disability. Clearly, preventing accidents is a desirable thing. But the way the message is coached promulgates an ableist view of disability. There must be other ways to deliver that message without focusing on the "horrors of having a disability". This post coincides with Blogging Against Disablism Day. Amélie Croteau was in a head-on collision 4 years ago as a result of … Continue reading Don’t use disability as the bogeyman

The Problems With Ramps Blended Into Stairs

The idea of blending ramps and stairs together appears, on the surface, to be a great approach to universal design. It provides for visually appealing stairs while including a ramp. But the implementation of that idea leaves a lot to be desired from an accessibility and safety point of view.