The Problems With Ramps Blended Into Stairs

The idea of blending ramps and stairs together appears, on the surface, to be a great approach to universal design. It provides for visually appealing stairs while including a ramp. But the implementation of that idea leaves a lot to be desired from an accessibility and safety point of view.

3D-Printed Exoskeleton Allows Paralysed Woman to “Walk”

Interesting article on CNET about an exoskeleton allowing a woman to walk again. Interesting but misleading. Yes, the use of 3D printing technology is awesome. But this is not "walking". The exoskeleton is holding the person up, and can move them in what LOOKS like walking. But it is more appearance than anything else.

Montreal in the snow

Today is our second real snow of the season. It’s really pretty. Jolly hard work getting through, but it’s pretty.

First Snow of the Season

What an adventure! We experienced the first snowfall of the season in MontrĂ©al today. I heard the snowplows and salt trucks clearing the way outside, so decided to venture out. I’m glad I got myself some good aggressive tyres for my wheelchair – I couldn’t have gone anywhere.

Copyright, Accessibility, and Ableism is conducting a survey to crowdsource information about the best way to approach copyright. This is good. They don’t offer “accessibility” as one of the important considerations to keep in mind when talking about copyright. This is bad.